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What is American Retail?

American Retail is an online shopping guide that finds great American made brands, products and companies, and then lists them all in one place. We then break them down into different categories to give you a more efficient and enjoyable experience. One of our goals is to make American made shopping a little bit easier by showing you the incredible American made options available and providing you with the resources to learn more about them or to make a purchase. We are also very passionate about giving both small and large American made businesses a platform to get their products out to a larger audience. We hope to connect you with high-quality products made in the USA and to help you further support American jobs and manufacturing. As you browse our product guide we have provided links for every product so you can purchase them directly from the manufacturer or from one of our retail partners.

How does it work?

Since we are a shopping guide what we do is showcase great American made products and then provide you with the information you need to learn more about them and then make a purchase if you like. Every product listing you see on our website is equipped with links that take you to the company's website. Whenever you see something you like, just click any of the links and browse the company's website for more information and purchasing opportinuties.

We also offer a Wish List feature that allows you to save your favorite product listings and pull them up later for future reference. To build a wish list all you have to do is create an account or be logged in and then click "+ Wish List" on a product listing to add that particular listing to your wish list. You can view and edit your wish list at any time by clicking the link at the top of the page.

Do you guys sell anything?

No. We currently do not sell anything, either on our website or otherwise. We are simply a shopping guide that lists great American made brands and breaks them down into different categories to help you in your shopping quest. However, one of our goals was to create a shopping guide that emulates an actual online retailer. Our hope is that the products listed on our site will be easy to find and that the overall feeling and experience will be familiar to you.

How do you know if something is really Made in the USA?

While we do our best to check every product personally, we do not have access to every product listed on our site. This means we are largely limited to the information available to us from manufacturers and their customers. However, if you ever discover a product listed on our site that is not made in the USA please be sure to and we'll check into it.

Is every product from every brand listed on your website Made in the USA?

No. Some of the brands listed on our site only make a portion of their products in the USA. However, if a brand is listed in a particular category, they will have an American made product of that category. We also do our best to ensure that companies with a mixed inventory of domestic and imported products make it clear which products are made in the USA on their site. If you ever discover a brand listed on our site that does not follow that criteria please be sure to .

Why buy American made products?

This is quite possibly our favorite question. There are many great benefits to purchasing American made products but perhaps the biggest benefit is that it helps strengthen our domestic economy and create jobs for thousands of Americans. For instance, studies have shown that if every American spent an extra $3.33 on American made goods it would create almost 10,000 new jobs! Studies have also shown that for every ONE manufacturing job created, FIVE to EIGHT other jobs are also created. As wide ranging as the economic benefits are, American made products also offer greater sustainability, environmental protection and better worker environments while typically being of higher quality than their imported counterparts. This topic is far too great to discuss here so please check out our page for more information.

I know of a great product that's Made in the USA, do you take suggestions?

Absolutely! We are constantly adding new content to our website and we love getting new brand and product suggestions! To make a suggestion, just visit our page and fill out the appropriate information. Thanks! :)

I am an American manufacturer, how do I get listed on your website?

All American manufacturers are eligible for standard feature listings provided they meet our requirements and are approved by our staff. To submit your company for a feature just visit our page and fill out the appropriate information.

Does it cost to get listed on your website?

Nope. Standard product listings are given 100% free of charge to American manufacturers. No fees. No tricks. Just a platform to get your American made products some really good exposure!

I'm already listed on your website, do you offer any other marketing opportunities?

Yes. We offer a wide range of paid marketing options that can get your company some great exposure. Please visit our page for more details and for a full list of available options.

I don't manufacture but I am a retailer, how do I get listed on your website?

If you are a retailer that carries your own line of exclusive products that are made in the USA you are eligible for standard feature listings provided you meet our requirements and are approved by our staff. To submit your exclusive products for a feature just visit our page and fill out the appropriate information. If you don't sell your own line of exclusive products but do sell other American made brands please inquire about a .

I see you have user accounts, how do I sign up?

All you need to do to sign up is visit our page and fill out the appropriate information. You will need a valid email address to register.

What is the benefit of having an American Retail account?

The biggest benefit of having a user account with American Retail is that it allows you to create your very own collection of product listings you see on our website. This means you can save your favorite listings in one place so you can check them out later on. We call this your , but think of it as your very own American made shopping list! :)

How do I change my account information after I have registered?

To change your account information, username or password all you have to do is login, visit our page, edit your information and then save the changes.

I lost my password, how do I access my account?

For privacy and security reasons we do not store your actual password in our database so it is impossible for us to retrieve it. However, if you cannot login just with your full name and the email address you signed up with and we will email you your security question (if you provided one at sign-up). Once you reply with the answer to your security question we will send you a temporary password. Once you sign in with your temporary password be sure to create a new one by visiting our page and clicking the "Change Password" button. Then just enter your new password and save.

If you opted to not provide a security question and answer at sign-up then we will send you a temporary password when you first send us your name and email address. Since this tends to be fairly common information, this method is less secure. That's why we always recommend adding a security question to your account. If you would like to add or change your security question or answer at any time just visit our page and then save the changes.

How do I delete my account?

To delete your account all you have to do is login, visit our page and then click the delete account button at the bottom of the page. However, please feel free to with any questions or suggestions that would make you rethink deleting your account.

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