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We are certainly not alone in our mission to grow American manufacturing and encourage shoppers to look at the label before they make a purchase. In fact, our great partners have been spreading the word about American made for quite some time and helping people just like you connect with fantastic products and companies across this amazing country. Whether it's simply education about the facts, updates on economic progress, tips and tricks about American made, or assistance in the shopping aisle, our great partners are here to help you live a life that's truly "Made in the USA".

Dedicated to helping and promoting the many talented American artists, artisans, crafters and manufacturers producing quality American Made products, the All New American Made Artisanal Initiative Inc. (ANAMAI) is a 501(c)(3) status pending organization founded with the purpose of providing fuel, in the form of grants, for the small American business engine that powers America. ANAMAI embraces makers, creative entrepreneurs, community minded artisans and manufacturers that have made an investment in America, and who may need help in order to get to the next level while NOT sacrificing their artistic integrity or their support for ‘Made in America’ and all the components that go with that label. That is why ANAMAI offers restricted cash awards – to be used for equipment, for website upgrades, for trade show participation and more – to American companies and individuals whose business and work ethics meet ANAMAI’s grant criteria; Quality American Made, Community Spirit and Development, Sustainability, and American Jobs. They are also a great resource for finding new American made products as well as connecting with artists and makers across the country.

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All American Reviews is a great resource for getting good quality reviews on different American made products before you make a purchase. Analyzing each product and detailing their results based on style, functionality, value, quality, etc., they provide a breakdown of the things they like and don't like about each product they review. They also provide links to help you learn more about the items you like and breakdown their reviews into categories to help you find what you're looking for more easily. Using a consistent, transparent and exceptionally honest methodology, their reviews are very detailed while presented in a clear, concise, and easy to follow manner. A fantastic go-to resource that empowers consumers to make a truly informed decision when shopping American made.

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