Feature Submission

We always love hearing about new American made brands and products so we are extremely excited that you're taking the time to send a feature suggestion our way! Thanks!

While we always try our best to feature everyone we can, there are some qualifications that must be met before someone can be listed on our site:

1) The products being submitted for a feature MUST be Made in the USA.
2) The company must maintain some form of an online presence (i.e. webpage, Etsy, etc.).
3) The products being submitted for a feature must be available for purchase online or have some way of informing the user where they can make a purchase.
4) The products being submitted must be available for purchase in low-volume sales (i.e. not wholesale only).
5) The country of origin should be clearly displayed on every product.
6) The products, product photos, and linked pages (i.e. company's homepage, etc.) must not contain any libelous, abusive, obscene or otherwise unlawful material as defined by our staff.

Standard product features are available and given 100% free of charge to all American manufacturers provided they meet the above qualifications. However, all feature requests are processed by our staff and may be denied for any reason at any time. Product features are created by our staff using content (images, logos, etc.) from the submitted company's website. We do not claim any intellectual property rights (copyrights, trademarks, etc.) for any of the content that we use from a company's website.

If you have any questions at all about our submission process please feel free to .

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