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Made in Colorado


Based in Fort Collins, CO, Akinz designs and handcrafts a wide variety of active lifestyle apparel for both men and women. Inspired by big dreams and adventurous goals, their products are all the equipment you'll need for life's exciting journey. Just look for the "Made in USA" label.

Categories: Men's Apparel, Accessories
Locations: CO, NJ

American Mountain Supply

Makers of quality shooting accessories since 1980, American Mountain Supply has been outfitting the best marksmen for decades. Made in Colorado with durability and utility in mind, each AMS product is guaranteed for life and sure to be a trusty companion on the shooting range.

Categories: Accessories, Specialty
Locations: CO

Emerger Fly Fishing

Started in 2014 to make the finest quality, hand made fly fishing gear, Emerger Fly Fishing designs each piece to be a balance of simplicity, functionality and style with a classic aesthetic. Made in Fort Collins, CO with a strict focus on quality, their gear is built to last.

Categories: Specialty
Locations: CO

Fulsus USA

Named for a full suspension of the elements, Fulsus USA designs outerwear that repels the cold, wind and rain. Made in Colorado and designed at a 10,000' elevation, each of their products are tested in some of the most rigorous conditions to ensure they work for you anywhere.

Categories: Women's Apparel, Men's Apparel
Locations: CO

Hammond's Candies

Founded in 1920 by Carl T. Hammond, Sr., Hammond's Candies is a gourmet candy and snack company based in the Mile High city of Denver, CO. Utilizing unique combinations of ingredients, they offer specialty chocolate bars that span a wide variety of flavors along with an extensive line of vintage candies.

Categories: Specialty
Locations: CO


Innovators behind the HexID color system and the iconic hexagonal magazine surface, Hexmag specializes in high-performance rifle magazines designed for a perfect fit and incredible durability. National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) tested and approved.

Categories: Specialty
Locations: CO

Pie Box

Based in Atlanta, GA, PieBox creates reusable wooden pastry carriers that are handcrafted in Chicago, IL while their leather accessories come from Denver, CO and are sourced entirely from independent tanneries. Wherever you and your pies, cakes or cookies go, the simple and sturdy design will get you there intact and in style!

Categories: Home Goods
Locations: IL, GA, CO

Red White Blue Apparel

Show off your patriotic pride with the help of these tees from Red White Blue Apparel. They are 100% Made in the USA and crafted with the true American Spirit at heart.

Categories: Women's Apparel, Men's Apparel, Accessories, Specialty
Locations: OH, CA, CO

Southern Colorado Hats

Incorporating inspired design and meticulous, one-of-a-kind craftsmanship, Southern Colorado Hats specializes in creating welder hats that show off your unique personality. They have an extensive collection of bandannas and welder caps in a variety of patterns, fabrics and colors. They also offer custom embroidery.

Categories: Accessories
Locations: CO

Sword & Plough

Sword & Plough is a social impact fashion brand that incorporates repurposed military material into the designs of their bags and accessories. Working with U.S. manufactures that are veteran-owned or employ veterans in some capacity, they also donate 10% of profits to organizations that support veterans.

Categories: Women's Apparel, Men's Apparel, Pet's, Accessories, Specialty
Locations: CO, CA, FL, KY

Vortic Watch Co.

Creators of the only 100% American made wrist watch, The American Artisan Series, Vortic Watch Co. revitalizes vintage pocket watches by giving them modern relevance. Expertly crafted from authentic American made pocket watch movements, dials, and hands, they offer both custom and pre-fabricated wrist watches.

Categories: Accessories
Locations: CO


Designing and manufacturing custom fit earpieces since 1959, Colorado Springs, CO based Westone is constantly on the cutting edge of in-ear technology. Their custom in-ear monitors are the choice of fighter pilots of the U.S. Air Force and top musicians around the world.

Categories: Electronics
Locations: CO
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