About Us


By consumers, for consumers. It all started out of simple curiosity. After years of seeing more and more imported products on store shelves and seeing the impact it had on the gradual decay of manufacturing towns like the one we call home, we wondered how many things we personally owned that were actually made here in America. So, pulling everything out of our rather packed closet we found just 4 items (3 t-shirts and 1 pair of socks). It was at that moment we realized we wanted to do a better job of supporting American manufacturing and figured others were probably beginning to do the same thing. After a little bit of American made product searching, often a daunting task at the store, we decided to create an Instagram page dedicated to showcasing the products and brands that we found so other people wouldn't have to search as hard. So with just one Instagram account and 2 posts we were up and running in 2014. After about a year of social media postings we had featured hundreds of products and it was getting difficult to keep track of the older posts. We knew we needed to do something else to make it easier so we reserved a domain name, bought some server space and began the long-journey of building a website. After a few months we had developed a beta version that simply listed manufacturers we had featured on our Instagram feed. By 2015 we had a working catalog of manufacturers where we showcased different products and listed them by category, and by 2016 we added our wishlist feature and a new theme. In short, we're just a couple patriotic American consumers who are hoping to help you find great products Made in America.

Our Mission

Made in the USA. Everyday. We are here to take the hassle out of shopping American. This website is the result of combing through countless stores, social media accounts and the Internet to bring you great American Made products and companies. We hope is that by making us the first stop on your shopping adventure, you will be well equipped and informed on some of the fantastic American made options available to you! While we are only a shopping guide and not an actual retailer, we do provide links for every company on our site so hopefully you can just sit back, relax, and shop!

What We Do

Your Personal Shopping Guide. The main purpose behind American Retail is to make American made shopping easier and to give both small and large American made businesses a platform to get their products out to a larger audience. Our quest is not to add a burden to American industry but to help people connect with products made by American hands. That's precisely why every feature on our website is given 100% free of charge to the manufacturer. Today we represent hundreds of manufacturers, thousands of products, and well over 30,000 American jobs - and growing everyday.

Ready to get started? Awesome! There's just one more thing we want to remind you of before you get shopping. While we do our best to feature only American made products sometimes, due to poor/out-of-date information or bad labeling practices, imported products can creep in. That's why we always want you to double-check the country of origin before you make a purchase. To help reiterate this we try to include the phrase "Just look for the 'Made in USA' label" in company descriptions to illustrate that only some of their products are American made.

If you ever find a product/company listing that is not American made please .

Thanks for stopping by!

- American Retail Team