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American Blanket Company

Founded in 2012 by industry veterans, American Blanket Company is dedicated to making the best non pilling and non shedding blankets made in America. Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, their beautiful collection includes blankets, throws, baby quilts, pet beds and more.

Categories: Children's, Pet's, Home Goods
Locations: MA


Founded by fitness educator Kimberly Larcom, Astrosportswear is an athletic wear company that strives to keep you comfortable while on the move. Whether you’re a biker, runner, gymnast, or swimmer they offer a great selection of clothing and accessories to fit each activity.

Categories: Women's Apparel, Accessories
Locations: MA

Ball and Buck

With their name being inspired by George Washington and the American Revolution, it comes as no surprise that Ball and Buck is dedicated to American manufacturing! Founded in 2008, they strive to create quality American made apparel and accessories that only get better with age!

Categories: Men's Apparel, Accessories, Home Goods, Specialty
Locations: MA, NY, SC, NC, NJ, MN, CA, WA, TX

Benjamin Bott

Makers of durable and long lasting life accessories, now you can show your love for Benjamin Bott's outstanding craftsmanship with an official Benjamin Bott t-shirt! Plus the super soft 100% jersey cotton will have you feeling quite comfortable all day long.

Categories: Men's Apparel, Accessories, Home Goods, Electronics
Locations: MA


Inspired by the desire to live a low-impact life, Cuppow makes useful products from recycled materials. Their flagship product is their drinking lid for canning jars, upcycling an everyday item into a reliable travel mug. You can browse their website or use their store locator to find Cuppow near you.

Categories: Children's, Home Goods
Locations: MA, ME, FL

Curly Tail Ties

Starting with a pug named Willy and his Twitter account @woofwellington, Curly Tail Ties emerged out of a desire for stylish, colorful, preppy, and cute bow ties for dogs. Made by hand in Boston, MA by Willy's parents Erin and Donny, their extensive collection is sure to keep your buddy looking stylish all year long.

Categories: Pet's
Locations: MA

General Knot & Co.

Using an ever-changing collection of rare and vintage fabrics, General Knot & Co. is able to bring you an incredible level of quality and individuality. Makers of fine neckwear and accessories, each piece is made by skilled craftsmen right here in the United States.

Categories: Men's Apparel, Accessories, Home Goods, Specialty
Locations: NY, MA, CT

In a Stitch Studio

Based in a coastal New England suburb of Boston, In a Stitch Studio specializes in beautiful contemporary crochet wearables and accessories. Carefully handmade by the founder Ashley, most items in their collection are made specifically for you and include a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from.

Categories: Children's, Accessories, Home Goods
Locations: MA

New Balance

Currently the only major company making and assembling athletic footwear in the United States, New Balance produces over 4 million pairs of shoes each year in their US factories. For over 75 years they have been dedicated to American workers who continually build high-quality, exceptional footwear.

Categories: Women's Apparel, Men's Apparel
Locations: MA, ME

PF Flyers

Founded in 1933 with the invention of the Posture Foundation insole and featured in the 1993 movie "The Sandlot", PF Flyers have been an American style icon for generations. Revamped by New Balance in 2003, the brand introduced their Made in USA sneaker that effortlessly combines comfort with timeless style.

Categories: Women's Apparel, Men's Apparel
Locations: MA, ME


Born from an American Dream and rich in military heritage, Randolph engineers, responsibly manufactures and markets the highest quality eyewear available. Made in Randolph, MA using US materials and parts whenever possible, each pair of sunglasses goes through over 200 production stages before completion.

Categories: Accessories
Locations: MA

Sarah Bertochi

Designed, cut, sewn and screen printed by the talented Sarah Bertochi of Marlboro, MA, each one of her creations are hand crafted using all natural fabrics and water based eco-friendly inks. She also uses up-cycled fabric for her bag linings and sources materials for her beautiful collection from US suppliers whenever possible.

Categories: Accessories, Home Goods, Specialty, Health & Beauty
Locations: MA

Simka Sol

Simka Sol is a hand illustrated, hand printed, handmade apparel line started by Sara Charles and created in her own Massachusetts studio. Their collection of men's and women's apparel and accessories is designed, printed and sewn all under one roof using ecofriendly inks and sun exposed screens.

Categories: Women's Apparel, Men's Apparel, Accessories, Home Goods
Locations: MA

St. Pierre Sports

St. Pierre Chain Corporation was a tire chain making facility founded by Henry St. Pierre in 1920. Family owned and operated they now make Horseshoes, Bocce balls, tire chains, and other products out of their facility in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Categories: Specialty
Locations: MA

Steele Canvas

Steele Canvas was founded in 1921 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Even after 90+ years in the industry, they continue to be family-owned and operated while remaining devoted to American manufacturing. They make all of their specialty canvas products, from totes to chairs, out of Massachusetts.

Categories: Children's, Accessories, Home Goods
Locations: MA

The Godspeed Co.

The Godspeed Co. exists for the love of all things motorcycle and design. With an appreciation of the past, they embrace the future by producing innovative ideas rooted in motorcycle culture. Their collection includes men's shirts and accessories made in the USA.

Categories: Men's Apparel
Locations: NY, MA

Third Piece

The Third Piece is a coveted accessory company that specializes in hand-knit statement pieces. Founded in 2012 by Carina Donoso and Kristen Lambert, they design luxury hand-knit collections carefully crafted in Boston, MA. They offer a "Made By Us" or 'Made By You" option, hoping to inspire you to create your own hand-knit pieces.

Categories: Women's Apparel, Children's, Accessories, Home Goods
Locations: MA

Tidal New York

Focused on making a better flip-flop, Tidal New York turned to domestic manufacturing and materials to make a higher quality product. They are also committed to hiring veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces to lead their team, partnering with Heroes in Transition to whom they donate a portion of every sale.

Categories: Women's Apparel, Men's Apparel
Locations: NY, MA, NJ, MO

Wears Woody

Founder Mike, with his funky 1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer, set out to make super soft yet durable goods in their signature bold coastal style. Their Made in USA collection is built using the best local manufacturers, and now with 100,000 miles behind the wheel, they are dedicated to "Drive Over Diabetes" by donating 7% of every sale directly to their nonprofit partners.

Categories: Women's Apparel, Men's Apparel, Accessories, Specialty
Locations: MA

Yankee Candle

From humble beginnings in 1969, Yankee Candle has become the #1 most-recognized name in the candle business and America's best selling candle brand. With over 150 fragrances, they offer the world's largest selection of candle and home fragrance scents, the majority of which are made in Massachusetts.

Categories: Home Goods
Locations: MA
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