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Clean and healthy water is an absolute necessity in life, and the good people at AquaOx are dedicated to helping you provide it for your family. From whole home water filtration and water softeners to point of use RO systems, they have just what you need to ensure you have healthy, great tasting water. Veteran owned and made in Columbia, SC.

Categories: Home Goods, Specialty
Locations: SC

Ball and Buck

With their name being inspired by George Washington and the American Revolution, it comes as no surprise that Ball and Buck is dedicated to American manufacturing! Founded in 2008, they strive to create quality American made apparel and accessories that only get better with age!

Categories: Men's Apparel, Accessories, Home Goods, Specialty
Locations: MA, NY, SC, NC, NJ, MN, CA, WA, TX

Cotton & Care

Grown in California, woven in Georgia, cut & sewn in South Carolina, and hand-packed with care in Nevada, Cotton & Care specializes in luxury sheet sets made entirely in the United States and free from harmful chemicals. Dedicated to responsible and ethical manufacturing, they donate 50% of the profits from each sale to charity.

Categories: Home Goods
Locations: CA, GA, SC, NV


Meticulously hand-assembling TVs in Winnsboro, SC with the most advanced technology available, Element is applying American experience to the wide world of entertainment. Reborn in the USA, they are leading the charge of reshoring the electronics industry one television at a time.

Categories: Electronics
Locations: SC

J Wingfield

Combining the experience of four generations of American textile engineers, J Wingfield creates stylish and affordable apparel that is 100% American made. A completely vertical business, they personally oversee every aspect of their production from weaving the fabric to sewing the finished product.

Categories: Men's Apparel
Locations: NY, SC, TX

J. Stark

Founded with a desire to create something tangible, J. Stark believes in real things made by real people. Each one of their products rely on the hard work of countless artisans, craftspeople and makers, American craftsmanship, and intelligent design resulting in quality pieces that stand the test of time.

Categories: Men's Apparel, Accessories, Home Goods
Locations: SC

Loggerhead Apparel

born in the minds of two South Carolina natives in early 2009, Loggerhead Apparel provides top-quality, American-grown, American-made clothing at a fair price. Inspired by the threat of extinction for the Loggerhead Sea Turtle, they donate 10% of their sales to the conservation and protection of the Loggerhead.

Categories: Women's Apparel, Men's Apparel, Children's, Accessories, Specialty
Locations: SC

Nana by Sally

Nana by Sally offers one-of-a-kind handmade clutches, handbags and bow ties made from vintage, vintage-inspired and designer fabrics and leathers. Each item is designed with the hope that it will reflect the unique personality of each customer. Each Nana item is made with pride in Columbia, South Carolina.

Categories: Men's Apparel, Accessories
Locations: SC
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